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Jawbone Wristband Goes Bluetooth

San Francisco's Jawbone has followed up its popular fitness- and sleep-tracking wristband, called Up, with a new wireless iteration, Up24.

The Jawbone Up24 wristband (pictured) measures activity, estimates calories burned and monitors sleep patterns, sending the data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone.

Battery power has been reduced slightly due to Up24's wireless functionality, but should still last for seven days between charges.

The wristband itself is rubber-coated and weighs either 19g, 22g or 23g, depending on the size chosen for your wrist. There are no visual displays on the band, just two small backlit icons that indicate whether the device is active or in sleep mode.

Up24 is quite bulky, so you'd really want to be goal setting to put up with it. For instance, if your objective is to step up your weekly walking activity, then Up24 will let you know exactly how you're doing.

The most fascinating aspect of Up24 is how it monitors your sleep patterns and provides insight through the app about how you sleep.

The device uses actigraphy to track your sleep, monitoring your micro movements to determine whether you are awake or asleep. Related to this, there is a Smart Alarm feature that analyses your sleep cycle to wake you with a gentle vibration at the most ideal time within a 10, 20 or 30-minute window of the time you specify.

The Idle Alert feature can be programmed to remind you to get up and move if you've been inactive for a period of time. The Jawbone Up24 costs €150 including VAT from Apple's online store. (September 2014)

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